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We believe that if you go on adventures then you probably know what it means to #adventurewrench. That’s our term for what happens when you head out on an adventure and something breaks.

We’ve even handled the definition for Webster:

We want to see your #adventurewrench pictures and hear your stories. The best stories and pictures will get free tools, schwag and may be added to our Pro Staff. Email pictures and stories to support@blackrhinotools.com. Can’t wait to hear from you.


Caden works on 500 ton cranes and better get his job done right or a million pounds of something will fall on someone that will have to be scraped off the pavement. Dan works hard. Damn hard, and he takes pride in that. If he builds it, it’s going to be good. It’s more of a pride thing, than a money thing. And so during the week he turns a wrench the way it’s supposed to be turned. But boy he’s ready for a weekend when it comes. He’s ready to head to the hills for an adventure. He’ll likely break down, blow-out or roll over, but he’ll figure out how to get home.

And that is why Black Rhino Tools exists. Because guys like Caden need a tool that is built tough enough to handle the week, but doesn’t just get left in the shop. He needs a tool that can hop in the back seat of the truck and go with him on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. He needs a tool that reflects not only his work ethic, but his lifestyle. Here’s to guys like Caden.